Protect your home from these destructive invaders

Ants are one of the most common pests in our area and can potentially be damaging to your home. They often enter the home looking for places to start a satellite colony inside the walls or floor of your home. Once established, the ant colony will often chew through your floor joists, wall studs, foam insulation, etc. to build and expand their colony.

Carpenter ants are the largest and most destructive of the ants in North Idaho, but some of the other species of ants can cause damage as well. Often what seems like just a few annoying ants in the kitchen or bathroom, can be the sign of a more serious problem developing within the walls or floor of your home.

Warrantied treatment options for your home

We offer specialized treatments to exterminate the ant colony in your home and keep them out for the rest of the season. This more thorough treatment is warrantied to include any follow up treatments that may be required to get rid of the existing ant problem and keep them out of the home for the rest of that season.

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