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Weed control is something that requires extensive knowledge of the areas weeds, as well as the best herbicides to use to control them. We have been involved in weed control for many years and have the knowledge and understanding to choose the proper chemicals to achieve the desired level of weed control. We also have experience in applying them to accomplish this without harming your animals, or the desirable plants you want to remain on the property, like grass or nearby flowers and garden.

The main types of areas where we perform weed control are pastures, small fields, roadsides, and gravel driveways and parking areas. The pastures, fields, and roadsides are sprayed with an ATV sprayer equipped with special boomless nozzles that allow us to maneuver through taller weeds and terrain, and enables us to be more versatile in the areas we can cover. The driveways and parking areas are usually done by backpack sprayer which allow us to make nice clean edges bordering your lawn, etc.

If you have a weed problem and aren’t sure what to do about it. We can recommend what we feel would be the best approach to help improve your property. Often times that means using a broadleaf selective herbicide to kill the noxious weeds and leave the grass, while other times a total kill is preferred.

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