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The two most common methods for controlling mice are baiting and trapping. The most economical option to have us perform is to place bait stations in, around, or under your house.

These bait stations are small plastic locking containers that the mice crawl into through holes in the ends to chew off some of the bait. The mice then go off and die somewhere else at a later time. Usually the dead mice are not found or seen. But anytime bait is used to control a mouse population, there is the possibility that a mouse could die somewhere like behind a fridge or stove where it cannot be retrieved. This can sometimes result in an unpleasant odor for a few days until the mouse dries up and stops smelling.

The other alternative for mouse control is trapping. This method is usually not cost effective for us to perform long term for the customer because of the need to make multiple trips to check the traps, remove caught mice and reset traps. However, if you do not want to use bait and are willing and able to tend to your own traps, that may be a more economical option. We can come out with the type of traps that we’ve found work well and do the initial trap setting, while showing you how and where to set the traps for the best results.

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