Enjoy wasp-free summers around your home

Wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets are often mistaken for each other. However, their nests can be used to tell them apart. It is helpful to correctly identify which one of these you are dealing with before we attempt to treat for them.

Identifying Wasps

Wasps are the most common type of bees that pose a pest problem around homes, and the ones that we can be the most helpful in controlling. They build there honeycomb looking nests under your eaves and decks. Spraying these areas, as well as anywhere else there are nests, will kill the wasps that have started to build nests, and the residual of the spray will keep them from making new nests for most of the summer.

Yellow Jackets & Hornets

Yellow Jackets and hornets can be more difficult to control because they are often nesting some distance away from your home, in a tree or a hole in the ground, and traveling into your yard. If you are lucky enough to find a nest, we can kill the nest which will help to some degree. But the difficulty in controlling them lies in finding the nest or nests, which can be very hard to locate.

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